Buying a new car is a luxury experience. We wanted to reflect this from the moment the customer entered the showroom and by taking creative thinking to the highest level.

The Design Concept

Fresh ideas and a visionary approach were the platform for developing this scheme. It needed to ooze sophistication and quality. This was a project where design played a huge part of the entire project.

What We Delivered

We created a 360-degree welcome for visitors by designing a conical structure, finished in polished plaster to sit in the centre of the showroom. It was loosely hugged by a stylish bespoke white Corian reception desk, which allowed VW’s staff to service their client’s needs from any point within the showroom. A multi seated refreshment area with matching bespoke Corian furniture offered clients and visitors a stylish and sophisticated space to relax in whilst enjoying a drink from the newly installed revolutionary iPad technology Top Brewer drinks facility.