45 Church Street

Royal London, Birmingham

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A 12 storey, multi-tenant, commercial building in Birmingham city centre.

Increasing the overall size of a reception area by 25% is no mean feet. In addition, we were dealing with what was an un-inclusive and under-utilised space that had no identity. Space planning and clever design was going to be key!

45 Church Street
45 Church Street

The Design Concept

The brief was to increase and enhance this once unloved “walkway” in to a spacious and stylish communal area, with a focus on wellbeing and inclusivity. It meant a full ground floor reception refurbishment, from the front door, incorporating all communal areas and including bathrooms and shower changing facilities.

What We Delivered

It required the painstaking removal of several marble slabs to enable us to push back into the vacant unit next door. Birmingham’s geometric street patterns were the basis for the concept. Ceramic flooring, backlit illuminated feature walls, a Corian reception counter in the same style as the feature walls and a clever use of ceiling rafts delivered the concept stunningly. Every detail was beautifully illuminated by a bespoke lighting installation.

45 Church Street