Stonehouse Christmas Fundraising Begins

The festive season is now upon us and we would like to share our intentions for any gifts received into the company this year.


As our Christmas raffle has been such a success over the last couple of years raising over £500 for our chosen charities, we have decided to raffle all gifts we receive for our staff during December, and again donate the ticket sales.

This year we have made the decision to support VETERANS WITH DOGS who provide assistance dogs exclusively for current and former members of the British Armed Forces diagnosed with a mental health condition.

Veterans With Dogs was founded for the purpose of training fully accredited assistance dogs to help mitigate the symptoms of mental health difficulties for our Veterans and active-duty service members. They produce exceptional assistance dog partnerships for mental health through their comprehensive training programme PALS. Veterans who qualify through their programme have partnerships that they can depend on to help them recognise earlier the increasing symptoms of their difficulties. The dogs are trained to intervene with interruptive behaviours to help their Veteran with emotional regulation, grounding, and to remain safe.

Stonehouse are proud to be representing such a great charity, and it is an absolute pleasure to be able to give a little back to those who sacrificed so much for us and our country.

Our draw this year will take place on Friday 17th December, and a notification of our donation will be shared with all contributors at the end of December. Any prizes big or small are very much appreciated to help boost the monies raised.

In addition to our raffle we will be holding some internal fundraising events in the lead up to Christmas, so look out on our social pages for updates!

To read more on the charities that Stonehouse support, please see Charities We Support page.