Case Study

Stephen George and Partners, Leeds

When asked why Geoff Ward, Partner of Stephen George and Partners Architects, chose Stonehouse to carry out the fit-out and build of their new Northern England Office, he replied, “I can’t put my finger on it. Call it instant rapport or the fact that they were the most attentive”. He continued, “They were not the cheapest but I have since discovered that they were certainly the best value”.

“We asked three companies to tender, all of whom were desperate to work with us. But I felt their passion; like us they love what they do. I admired their transparency when tendering, Stonehouse were very methodical in the way the price was built up.

Each part of the job, right down to the nitty gritty had been thought through and priced up. I could see where every penny was being spent”. He continued, “of course, I didn’t solely rely on one recommendation. I took up references, asked around and nobody had a bad word to say, in fact the opposite. Stonehouse have a reputation of being easy to work with and delivering exactly what they say they will. It is because of all this, and their passion that they were awarded the contract.

I thought that their might be a problem, a design and build company working with an architect’s practice, but there wasn’t at all…but of course they had great architects to work with!”

Working very closely with SGP, Stonehouse ensured that all their fit out work was exactly as designed. “To say it all flowed perfectly would be an exaggeration, however, the pride that they had in their work really showed when they were self snagging and really going above and beyond their remit. Every little niggle was just dealt with. I just didn’t have to stress about it. There was no fuss”.

Stonehouse pride themselves on quality workmanship, so what’s the overall verdict? “The end result is fantastic. From the offices to the boardroom, the library to the break-out area, it just all flows. I love it and I love showing it off! The grin on the Senior Partner’s face was a mile wide. As a business we have achieved so much and this office is a testament to that. It shows that we have really arrived!”

“My favourite area is the reception. I love the colours. You walk in and ‘bam! You really get a sense that you have arrived in an architect’s office. But then it was designed that way!”

In conclusion from one very impressed client, Geoff said “There is definitely something special going on with Stonehouse Projects. I would dearly like to work with them in the future and would not hesitate in recommending them to my peers. It’s been a joy!”