Case Study

Deli Fresh Cafe, University of Bradford

The brief was simple; create an inviting, spacious eating experience for up to 40 students to take lunch or ‘grab and go’. Time was at a premium as the project had to be completed within 5 weeks from start to finish!

The area within the University of Bradford Campus needed a face lift and appointed Stonehouse the contract.

The location of the ‘Deli Fresh Cafe’ was somewhat of a challenge; being a thoroughfare and also shared the same space as an art gallery. Although free from students, staff were still in the building so it was ‘business as usual’ for them. Co-ordination of trades and time frames were critical to ensure noise and inconvenience levels were kept to a minimum.

Trish Cannon, of Sodexo, the University’s catering contractors when asked about how Stonehouse had performed answered, “considering the tight turn round time of our brief, Stonehouse have done a fantastic job. We’re against the clock to deliver new projects when the campus is closed over holiday times and Stonehouse helped us achieve our deadline, phew!”