Lease your project – it’s so easy!

Lease finance allows the benefits of occupation to be paid for over time, a true matching of cost and benefit.
Lease finance in most instances sits outside of a corporate’s existing funding facilities, as leasing looks to the asset that is being leased, in this instance, the commercial space, to provide the prime security for the funds.
Lease payments are fully deductable against taxable profits, unlike some of the items comprising office space, which may not be allowable in calculating capital allowances.
In the current climate, leasing should be investigated, as it provides an obvious way of conserving a company’s cash, whilst at the same time allowing the corporation to have all of the benefits that arise from a new commercial space.
To assist this process, Stonehouse are pleased to introduce, as our fully independent finance partner, Bluestone Leasing. A specialist in the interiors industry, and already supporting over 4,000 companies, Bluestone Leasing has developed over 12 years’ experience in providing the right finance solution. They are experts in funding the whole project cost, not just the traditional assets.   
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22nd March 2011, 14:57:02 | Posted by Anonymous